27–29 March 2019



On March 21-22, we invite you to take part in the thematic workshop "CREDO Technologies for engineering surveys data processing and industrial and civil objects design".

Workshop is a part of the international forum "GEOSTROY 2018".

Within 2 days, you will see how CREDO technologies quickly and efficiently solve different task facing surveyors and designers.

The program of the workshop consists of 4 thematic blocks.

Engineering geodesy in CREDO

Working with satellite measurements. We will show you how to process data from any receivers in automatic or manual mode.

Laser scanning technologies. We will talk about effective processing of point clouds for mine surveying and design tasks.

Processing of raster images. We will show you how to automate raster processing with its subsequent vectorization.

Creation of the Digital Terrain Models. We will show all the possibilities of CREDO geodetic line and help you to choose the best tool for your tasks.

Innovations in CREDO geodetic line. We will show new version of TRANSCOR, will talk about CREDO DAT 5.0 and other programs development.

Cadastral works in CREDO

Technology for cadastral engineer. You will learn how to perform the full range of cadastral works in CREDO CADASTER.

Engineering Geology in CREDO

The unity of the information environment. You will see how to pool all the geological survey information into a single information field.

Three-dimensional geological model. You will see how to prepare data for high-quality geological modeling, to build a three-dimensional model of the area and pass it on for further design work.

Design in CREDO

City streets and roads. You will see how the CREDO design systems are applied at each stage of the transport facilities life cycle – from new construction to repair and reconstruction.

General planning. We will talk about the possibilities of CREDO software for General Plans design of areal objects and communications, show new opportunities for city streets design and engineering arrangement.


30% discount for any CREDO software purchase. Offer is valid until July 1. Users of "out of date" versions can upgrade to the current version at the Subscription price (if you need to replace the key, the cost of the key will be taken into account additionally).

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